Areas of Practice


General Counsel

Businesses come in all sizes from the sole proprietor and “mom & pop” to publicly held worldwide enterprises. Whether you are operating out of your garage or in the penthouse of your headquarters, legal issues always arise. At times you need to be protected as a result of an event, or under the best scenario you want to be protected before an event occurs. We represent all types of businesses in all types of sectors, and have been retained as “outside counsel” for major worldwide public companies. In addition to representing businesses and operating a business for over a quarter of a century, Mr. Schwartz has been a CEO himself. We pride ourselves on the trust and confidence our clients have provided us in preparing their documents, negotiating their deals and disputes, and litigating their civil matters when necessary. As general counsel we also know enough to know what we don’t know, but we always know where to turn for our clients’ best interests.



Personal Injury

We have been representing victims of all types of injuries since 1981. In addition to vehicular accidents (car, truck, bus, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian); we have represented victims of slips, trips and falls. Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of defective products have been held responsible for their actions, as well as those who have committed malpractice. We do not shy away from the difficult, novel or challenging case and have represented assault victims, rape victims, and even victims of animal attacks. The law allows for damages when a private or public individual commits negligence. We utilize those laws for the benefit of our clients.


Civil Litigation

In addition to the federal court of California, we have been involved with litigation in Florida, New York and Texas, as well as the United States Supreme Court. A good litigator knows how to keep the client out of the courtroom, but is not afraid to walk into the courtroom. We pride ourselves as being good litigators.


Estate Planning

Unfortunately we are all mortal, and the only things we can be certain of in life are death and taxes. While we can’t help with taxes, we have protected our clients through the preparation of their Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and other necessary documents for them and their families. Even if you have been prudent enough to establish an Estate Plan, that plan should be reviewed annually or at least biennially, as our lives have a way of changing around us. In addition to planning for the time of death, this process has helped our clients maximize a plan for their current and future life. It has been said that those who fail to plan, plan to fail. It has also been said that failure is not an option. We encourage the implementation of these two axioms.


Arbitration and Mediation

Litigation can be time consuming and very costly both from an economic and emotional standpoint. ADR provides opportunities not otherwise available in the confines of a courtroom.  Mr. Schwartz has served a judge, mediator and arbitrator. We have been successful in resolving most all types of disputes through alternative and non- litigious resolution.