“Jeff Schwartz is a valued colleague, not only for his substantial professional experience and integrity, and his conscientious attention to client matters, but also for his winning personality. We all like to work with people whom we like personally, and Jeff's wit and charm can make an otherwise dull matter into a pleasure. Jeff's "sweet spot" is serving as outside General Counsel to businesses that lack in-house counsel. In this capacity, he calls upon his over two decades as a business owner and entrepreneur including a three-year stint as CEO of an Internet media company, as well as legal experience encompassing dozens of jury trials and life as a judge, and as a U.S. congressional candidate. I highly recommend that you consult with Jeff if you have a legal matter that needs attention.”

David Abeshouse, Owner, Law Office of David Abeshouse       


“I have retained Jeffrey Schwartz as General Counsel for personal and business endeavors. His passion is for doing the right and most equitable thing possible. He has a vast knowledge and expertise in commercial litigation and has a powerful way of expressing himself as well as the ability to sit back and absorb what is happening around him in times of adverse situations. We have had dealings from the start up of small business ventures to the creation of Sluggers' Jewels, LLC, which is going to be a $100 Million enterprise within the next 5-7 years. Jeff has been a kind and generous person and has been involved with and supported many of the charitable endeavors that I am involved with, as well as taken a lead position with others. His talent to stay in touch with Political Giants and keep the pulse on Government is astounding. I am proud to be his friend.”

Marvin Soskil, CEO, Sluggers’ Jewels, LLC


“Jeffrey S. Schwartz was a dedicated member of the board of directors at Foundation for Sight & Sound. He worked hard to educate and promote the FSS to his personal and professional relationships and the community at large. As I know Jeff personally and in business I feel he is a man with high standards, great character, is trustworthy and has good moral values and his integrity is impeccable. Jeff has always provided good counsel to the FSS during and after his tenure on the board. I value his insights on all legal matters.”

Mitch Shapiro, Founder, Foundation for Sight and Sound




"Jeff is attorney by profession and his grasp of business issues is like that of a CEO. I attended a workshop on strategy with him and his comprehension of business in general would certainly qualify him to be a better business attorney"

Rakesh Bhargava, Global CEO, The Academy for Chief Executives, Ltd.